DailyNata Plus Plan

Billed now: €150
By clicking “Join DailyNataPlus,” you agree to be charged €150 yearly, unless you cancel.
Billed now: €25
By clicking “Join DailyNataPlus,” you agree to be charged €25 monthly, unless you cancel.

When you join DailyNata Plus, you gain access to the entire platform. That gives you access to:

  • Plus stories with a native pronunciation of the entire story, as well as the full text in Portuguese.
  • Word of the day with each story, where we explore a single word in depth.
  • Grammar bites, where we explain grammar rules present within Plus stories.
  • Practical Portuguese lessons that come with audio or video and interactive exercises.
  • A library of grammar and vocabulary exercises.
  • The possibility of asking questions regarding any content that we publish.
  • And more.
  • We continuously produce new learning materials that are shared with Plus members several times per week.
  • We keep our members motivated by making sure that the lessons are interesting, engaging, and regular.
  • We focus on European Portuguese only.

While we need the revenue to operate as a business, we don’t want money to be the reason why someone motivated can’t learn Portuguese with us.

If you can’t afford DailyNata Plus but would like to join, send us a message.

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